Custom Manufacturing Services

Fedtech is committed to providing high quality custom manufacturing services. Our extensive machine shop knowledge and experience allows us to approach any custom manufacturing job with confidence. We employ a skilled set of programmers and engineers, and a talented production team to transform raw material into high precision parts.

Waterjet Cutting

We use high quality CNC machinery and programming software to create flawless designs out of raw material.

Laser Cutting

By using our laser cutting services, customers are able to eliminate costly tooling and achieve faster turnaround.

CNC Machining

Fedtech offers precision CNC milling and turning plus value-added services like drilling, tapping, counter sinking, etc.

Value Engineering

Fedtech is your partner in custom engineering every step of the way for efficient solutions and quality parts.

Metal Deburring

A burr is a raised or jagged edge on a metal part, most often appearing after it has been processed. Generally speaking, it's unwanted material that can be fixed using a process called deburring.

Metal Finishing

Fedtech's finishing equipment is a Model 1100 Timesaver. It's a dual-head,wet process abrasive belt deburring/surface finishing machine equipped with an air knife parts dryer


A common value added service that we offer at Fedtech is welding. Welding is a process in fabrication that conjoins materials, usually metals, via coalescence.

Metal Forming

One of the greatest capabilities that we have is to form parts. Forming can be used in metalworking to bend, roll, and shape pieces to reach their desired form.