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Making the Most of a Superalloy

Haynes 282 alloy is a "superalloy" that was developed for high-temperature structural applications. It's often used in parts for aero and industrial gas turbine engines. And, yes, it's extremely expensive. Here's how we helped our customer make the most of this material on a tricky project.

Waterjet Cutting
General Industrial Manufacturing
Haynes® 282® Alloy

the Project

Our customer needed to create custom parts for a jet engine using 5.5-inch Haynes 282 alloy rounds. The project specifications called for waterjet cutting.

The Problem

The rounds that needed to undergo the waterjet cutting were attached to a piece of equipment that could not get wet. Not only this, but Haynes 282 alloy is extremely expensive; we could not afford to waste even the tiniest amount.

Water Cutting Services
Provided with Care

Our mission was to cut the customer-supplied Haynes 282 alloy into a custom shape. The process is trickier than it sounds, however, as this material is extremely expensive. It was a job in need of a careful hand—and an even more careful procedure. Not only this, but the equipment that was attached to the rounds could not get wet, so we took necessary precautions to ensure it was properly protected during the entire waterjet cutting process.

The Outcome

With skilled engineering and operating, we were able to successfully complete the project and meet every single one of our customer's requirements.

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