Contract Manufacturing Facilities List

Waterjet Cutting Facilities

Fedtech runs twelve waterjet systems with total engineering capability and full CAD/CAM capability for any custom machining application. Each station is equipped with multiple cutting heads, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of our process. Waterjet cutting also allows us to process a variety of materials while holding tolerances as close as +/- .003". This unique process allows tighter nesting of parts, thus saving material costs. We are also able to process materials reaching twelve inches thick.

Non-abrasive Waterjet Cutting

The heart of our waterjet machinery is the Ultra-High Pressure Intensifier Pump from Accustream. The Accustream Intensifier pump pressurizes the water and continuously delivers it to create a steady stream producing perfectly processed custom manufactured parts. Whether it's a quantity of one or one thousand, our custom machine shop is able to process your parts.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

In addition to our non-abrasive waterjet cutting services, we also offer abrasive waterjet cutting. The Dialine abrasive cutting head delivers superior cutting and cuts more precise parts at considerably higher cutting speeds than parts cut with conventional waterjet heads. This cutting process is more fitting for materials such as metals, composites, stone and ceramics.

Waterjet Work Cells

#1, 30" x 48" x 8" Travel, Quad Head, CNC Controller
#2, 48" x 96" x 12" Travel, Triple Head, CNC Controller
#3, 145" x 146" x 12" Travel, Quad Head, CNC Controller
#4, 51" x 97" x 7" Travel, Six Head, CNC Controller
#5, 49" x 72" x 10" Travel, Six Head, CNC Controller
#6, 51" x 97" x 12" Travel, Six Head, CNC Controller
#7, 96" x 144" x 12" Travel, Quad Head, CNC Controller
#8, 125" x 360" x 12" Travel, Quad Head, CNC Controller
#9, 96" x 144" x 12" Travel, Quad Head, CNC Controller

Waterjet Pumps

5 - Accustream 150 High Pressure Intensifier Pumps

2 - Accustream 125 High Pressure Intensifier Pump

1 - Accustream 75 High Pressure Intensifier Pump

4 - 4000 lb Bulk Precision Abrasive feeding pots

Laser Cutting Systems

Fedtech also operates three laser cutting machines. Our newest (the Bystronic Bystar 4020) is one of the most technologically advanced in the nation. By using industrial laser cutting in addition to waterjet cutting, our custom machine shop has the capability to cut nearly any material for any industry.

Laser cutting enables us to process materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. Each material is cut from CAD/CAM files, to ensure the project is finished specifically as planned. Laser metal cutting produces burr-free parts and offers cutting capacity up to ¾" thick in Carbon Steel and up to 5/8" thick in Stainless Steel. It also offers quick turnaround without any costly tooling charges.

Customers choose industrial laser cutting for its cost effectiveness and precision cutting tolerances, which is as great as (+/- .003") with repeatability of (+/- .001"). It is an efficient option for prototypes and irregular shaped parts, but can also be used for custom production parts. Our custom machine shop also offers value-added services (welding, drilling, tapping, finishing, forming, etc.) so you can purchase your custom parts from one convenient source.

Bystronic Bystar 4020

  • 4400 Watt
  • ByTansCross material automation
  • Accuracy to +/- .003"
  • Repeatability +/- .002"
  • Carbon Steels up to .750" thick
  • Stainless steels up to .500" thick
  • Holds up to 3500 pounds of material
  • 157" x 79", (4064mm x 2032mm) work envelope
  • Shuttle table system

Bystronic Bysprint 3015 6kW Fiber

  • 6000 Watt
  • ByTransLine material automation
  • Accuracy to +/- .003"
  • Repeatability +/- .002"
  • Rapidly process stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper and more!
  • 60" x 120", (3048mm x 1524mm) work envelope
  • Shuttle table system

Bystronic Bysprint Pro 3015

  • 4400 Watt
  • ByLoader material loader
  • Accuracy to +/- .003"
  • Repeatability +/- .002"
  • Carbon Steels up to .750" thick
  • Stainless steels up to .500" thick
  • 60" x 120, (3048mm x 1524mm) work envelope
  • Shuttle table system

Additional Shop Services (Value-Added)

Welding Services

We offer a wide range of value added custom machining services in addition to laser metal cutting and waterjet cutting. We recognize that each custom project has specific requirements, so we offer a vast array of services to ensure complicated manufacturing projects turn out exactly how they should. We do this by offering added value such as:

  • Welding/Drilling/Tapping/C'Sink
  • Deburring (Tumbling)
  • PEM Stud Insertion
  • Custom Assembly
  • Inspecting
  • Finishing
  • Forming

The in-house manufacturing services enable us to more efficiently control project deadlines and achieve faster processing and shorter time lines for our customers.

CNC Milling and Turning Capabilities

CNC Milling

HAAS-VF6 CNC Vertical Machining Center
HAAS-VF5 CNC Vertical Machining Center
HAAS-VF4SS CNC Vertical Machining Center
HAAS-VF3 CNC Vertical Machining Center
HAAS-VF2SS CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC Turning

Haas ST20SS CNC Lathe
Haas ST20SS CNC live Tool Lathe
Haas ST20SS CNC live Tool Lathe
Haas ST30SSY CNC Live Tool Lathe
Haas ST30SSY CNC Live Tool Lathe
Doosan Puma, 2000 SY CNC Live Tool Lathe with sub spindle

Other Custom Manufacturing Equipment: Horizontal Band Saw: 12" x 10" Capacity, 3 Bridgeport Vertical Mills: 9" x 42" Work Area, Multi-Station Drill Presses, Vertical Band Saw, Sunnen MBB-1660D, Manual, Honing Machine.

WELDING GTAW/GMAW, MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Stud Welding

INSPECTION EQUIPMENT: Romer Arm Model 7525, Digital Height Gauges, 48" x 48" Virtek Laser Inspection Machine, Mitutoyo PH-3500 Optical Comparator, 60" DRO Calipers, 24" DRO Calipers, Granite Surface Plates, Gauge Pin Sets

QUALITY PROGRAM: ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ENGINEERING: MasterCam, AutoCAD rev. 2017, I-GEMS, Application R & D, Bysoft/Bybend (Solidworks based)

FORMING: 156" x 352 ton Bystronic Xpert 320 Press Brake, 72" x 100 ton CNC Press Brake

FINISHING: Grinding Master Timesaver 1100 dual head wet, Timesaver 36" wide dry, Various Deburring Equipment, Royson Automated Tumblers Sandblaster, Large Capacity Tumblers

PART MARKING: Scorpion Laser Part Marker; Marking of Part numbers, Serial numbers, Bar Codes and more.

KITTING: Packaging and Assembly, single SKU ordering as well as Just-In-Time delivery 

FULL SERVICE MILITARY PACKAGING: Packaging in accordance to standards like Mil-Std-2073, Fed-101 and ASTM D3951

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