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Miscellaneous Items

FedTech also has some custom items that aren't apparel. Here, we have navy blue coffee mugs and navy blue (eco-friendly) totes. Check back to this page in the future, to watch for updated listings or sale items! To order any of the FedTech gear you have seen, click here to fill out a general order form.

  • The FedTech Coffee Mug

    FedTech Coffee Mug

    This navy blue mug is your average coffee cup, but better, because it says FedTech on it. Fill it up, get caffeinated, and make your day go just a little bit better. Of course, it'll help you remember who the best manufacturer in the Midwest is too, but that's just a side note.

    Cost: $6.00

  • The FedTech Tote

    FedTech Tote

    When everything is all about 'going green' and reducing your carbon footprint, we came up with a solution to help the planet as well. These eco-friendly totes are reusable for groceries, farmers markets, and anything else you can think of. It's just another way that FedTech can help out Mother Nature!

    Colors: Navy Blue

    Cost: $3.00

To order any of these items, fill out your order form here!