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Short Videos

Here are some of our latest videos from the production floor. Skim through the selection of waterjet and laser cutting videos to see how different parts are manufactured. Whether you're looking for industrial laser cutting, waterjet cutting, abrasive waterjet cutting, or any other of our many services, we probably have the video you're looking for. So go ahead, take a look, and feel free to contact us for more information!

Waterjet Cutting Titanium Strips

Watch one of FedTech's waterjets cut quickly and easily through titanium to produce very small strips. These .025" titanium strips were then able to be used in vacuum cleaners. (00:00:32)

Waterjet Cutting Large Stainless Steel Gears

To cut large stainless steel gears, FedTech used our large 4-axis waterjet. Be sure to take a look at the finished product our waterjet produced! Each gear was waterjet cut with precision and accuracy. (00:00:38)

Water-Only Waterjet Cutting Pizza

At FedTech we got excited about last season's basketball finals. Watch our Celtics pride as we use the water-only waterjet to cut through a pizza. This unique creation shows both the accuracy of our waterjet cutting equipment and its' ability to handle even the most delicate of materials with high accuracy. (00:00:44)

CRS Laser Metal Cutting

Want to see some sparks fly? Watch our laser cutting machinery at work on cold roll steel. We cut hundreds of tiny holes into .074" thick CRS. We hold one of the most advanced pieces of laser cutting machinery in the Midwest! (00:01:25)

Copper Gaskets Being Waterjet Cut

FedTech's waterjet is back to work cutting custom copper gaskets. Watch it quickly cut through the thin copper to produce these custom gaskets. (00:01:30)

Waterjet Cutting Insulation

Using the water-only waterjet, we cut through thick insulation. This video showcases how great waterjet is at eliminating rough edges. The customer was also saved material costs by tightly nesting the parts. (00:00:53)

Laser Cutting Stainless Steel

More sparks are flying as FedTech's laser cutting machinery is put to work cutting stainless steel. Watch how quickly the laser processes this metal. (00:00:50)

Waterjet Cutting PETG Plastic

To produce a unique frame made out of PETG plastic, FedTech used the water-only waterjet. Each sheet of PETG was .120" thick. Our waterjet's repeatability was certainly put to the test as we produced many of these frames. (00:00:58)

Waterjet Cutting Ceramic Coated Titanium

The abrasive waterjet was back to work in this video, cutting ceramic coated titanium. The best part is the precisely controlled stream cutting through the tough, durable material. (00:01:48)

Waterjet Cutting Teflon

With the water-only waterjet, we manufactured many tiny duplicates of Teflon parts. The soft material was carefully handled by the water-only waterjet , allowing the Teflon to stay clean and white. (00:01:16)

About FedTech: Who are we?

Want to learn more about FedTech's laser and waterjet cutting services? Our "Who We Are" video will show you what we can do in-house (including secondary services) and tell you more about the manufacturing industry. Watch our engineers go to work on turning your ideas into precision-cut reality! You can also see more examples of the projects FedTech has completed.

Contact FedTech today and learn more about waterjet cutting or industrial laser cutting. Compare and see which cutting method is best for your upcoming projects.