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Precision Cutting of Plastics using High Pressure Waterjet Cutting

09 March 2023
Timesaver - Machining


Plastics have been used in various industries for decades because of their durable and lightweight properties. However, finding the perfect tool to cut through plastics flawlessly has been a challenge. Waterjets have stepped up to the challenge and are now one of the leading cutting methods for plastics. In this blog, we will discuss how waterjets cut plastics with precision and the benefits of using waterjets in the cutting process.

Waterjets use a high-pressure stream of water to cut through various materials, including plastics. The water stream is transferred through a nozzle at a speed of 2.5 times the speed of sound, which creates an intense water stream that cuts through the material without leaving dents, heat-affected zones, or harmful fumes. The nozzle is designed to control and direct the water stream, ensuring that the water stream will cut the plastic material with precision without creating any damage.

Because of the powerful and precise manner waterjets cut through materials, it has become a popular method to cut plastics. The process uses a clean and eco-friendly method that is perfect for industries that require strict health and safety requirements. In contrast to other cutting methods, waterjets do not leave harmful dust and debris behind, making it one of the best ways to cut plastics.

Waterjets are also versatile, allowing them to cut through various types of plastics that differ in their thicknesses, sizes, and textures. Additionally, the waterjet system can cut any shape and design as required, which is essential for companies that require unique cuts in their plastic products. The precision of the cutting methods ensures that the final product has a smooth and seamless finish, leaving no room for errors.

Apart from the above benefits, waterjets also offer cost-effective solutions. The water, garnet, and electricity usage required to power the cutting method is affordable, and it is ideal for companies that are looking for ways to produce high-quality plastic products while keeping costs low.


Waterjets are now leading the plastic-cutting industry due to their precision and effectiveness. It is a clean and eco-friendly process that is perfect for industries that require precise cuts with no damage. Waterjets are versatile and can handle various types of plastics, cutting through unique shapes with ease. The finishing is flawless and smooth, making it the perfect solution for companies that require a high-quality plastic product. The affordability and cost-effectiveness of the waterjet cutting system add to the long list of reasons why waterjets are the future of the cutting industry.

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