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FedTech Offers Solution Slats for Laser Cutting Users

01 October 2008

FedTech Offers Solution Slats for Laser Cutting Users

Laser Cutting Copper Slats

ST. PAUL, MINN. – Laser cutting machinery owners in St. Paul, Minnesota offer a simple alternative to replacing your laser cutting slats. Typically, laser users would operate using steel slats because of the stigma of costly replacement copper slats. However the steel slats suffer a short life span due to slag build up and a high wear rate, ultimately affecting the quality of parts that are being cut.

The common misconception about copper laser cutting slats being much more costly does not have to be true. FedTech located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is now offering copper slats to their customers at 30-50% of the cost that OEM's sell slats for. A job shop in Missouri was the latest to purchase their replacement slats from FedTech. They were pleased to receive their custom copper slats for 47% of the price that the OEM could offer.

A hesitation arises to many laser owners, as they know that copper isn't recommended to be cut with lasers because of their tendency to reflect the laser beam. When using copper slats, the amount of surface area is considerably less along with the material being processed above them, minimizes the risks involved with copper slats. More advantages associated with copper slats are life longevity, easier cleaning, and less frequent cleaning which increases machine up time.

"We've been using copper grating on our laser cutting machinery for over eight years." Says president of FedTech, Dave Fox. "It's hard to believe we used to purchase them at such a high cost. I'm just happy we can provide the same savings to other shops in our industry now, especially with the way the economy has been."

FedTech is a recognized waterjet and laser cutting manufacturer located just outside of the Twin Cities. Founded in 1996, they have developed a trusted job shop for their customers in the industry. To visit their website for laser grating, you can visit, or their original homepage. To contact a FedTech associate with questions, feel free to give them a call at 763-784-4600.