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Debut of Laser Cutting Machinery Cuts Materials and Time at FedTech

14 August 2008
Bystronic Bystar 4020

August 14, 2008 - SAINT PAUL, MINN. – Minnesota's favorite job shop is at it again, this time bigger and better than ever. When we last spoke with FedTech, they had just installed one of Bystronic's thoroughbreds of machines, the Byspeed 3015. Now they are at it again, as an even more impressive piece of machinery is making its way to FedTech's production floor.

Coming this fall to FedTech (mid-September), will be Bystronic's Bystar 4020, one of the most innovative, noteworthy pieces of laser cutting equipment in the industry. This remarkable system reaches cutting speeds of 1,969 inches per minute and can hold cutting tolerances of +/- .0012.

The Bystar 4020 cutting table can also hold approximately 3500 pounds of material on its 157"x 79" work envelope, leaving limitations a forgotten memory. In addition, the new laser cutting machinery will be coupled with a shuttle table system, and will also be equipped with Bystronic's BytransCross material automation. The shuttle table system enables smooth production with the automated cutting tables that alternate finished parts with raw material to keep the process moving quick and efficiently.

This new laser cutting system not only cuts parts, but cuts time as well, as the automation process certainly speeds up production, allowing for quicker turnaround on projects and an overall smoother manufacturing system. The new laser brings the capability to process even more sheet metal than ever before at FedTech. The new addition will definitely make quite a debut on FedTech's production floor, and there's no question that customers will definitely be delighted to see their waiting times cut down as well.

About FedTech

FedTech, Inc. is a large job shop located in Mounds View, MN. They specialize in laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and many different in-house services including welding, drilling, forming, assembly and more. For more information, you can contact FedTech at 763-784-4600, or visit FedTech's website at