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FedTech's Laser Cutting Capabilities Makes Them Beam

31 July 2008
Byspeed 3015 Laser Cutting Machinery

SAINT PAUL, MINN. – Local job shop, FedTech Inc., has been proud to serve their customer base with industrial laser cutting in the past, and they are now taking that to a whole new level. Assembled not too long ago, was a brand new Bystronic Byspeed 3015, one of the finest in laser cutting machinery.

The new Byspeed laser achieves cutting tolerances of plus/minus .005", with a 120" x 60" work envelope, coupled with a 4400 Watt resonator to increase power efficiency and reduce electrical usage during processing. This investment has been crucial for FedTech because it allows them to be more productive than ever before. Not only this, but the enhanced technology does wonders on the production floor aiding the manufacturing of quality products with a quick turnaround.

Byspeed 3015 Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is typically used to process flat materials. The Byspeed laser can process these materials with power from 2.8 up to 4.4 kW, which gives FedTech the capability to cut directly through the many different types of material with greater accuracy and precision than traditional laser cutting systems.

Another feature included on the Byspeed is its closed machine compartment which is more environmentally friendly. The closed compartment helps to reduce emissions that are otherwise let off with conventional open laser machinery. Outside of the closed compartment is the automatic table loader, which includes high-powered vacuum suction lifting that carries materials from a stack of inventory over the cutting table. This option gives the advantage of being able to safely load the cutting table quickly and without hassle or chaos.

FedTech, Inc. is a well-known job shop located in Mounds View, MN. They specialize in laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and many different in-house services including welding, drilling, machining, forming, assembly and more.

For more information, contact a FedTech representative at 763-784-4600, or visit FedTech's website.