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Fedtech supports the FIRST Robotic program by supporting local Teams

27 January 2023
Press Brake at FedTech

SAINT PAUL, MINN., December, 2023 - A local job shop, Fedtech Inc., maintains a tradition of helping with programs like the Minnesota State FIRST robotics Program or School Engineering programs.  

Fedtech Proudly Supports 2022-23 High School FIRST Robotic Teams:

Fedtech Supports these great teams by: 

  • Field trips to expose kids to our world in Manufacturing.
  • Mentoring teams in technology we use.
  • Offering assistance in producing parts they design for the teams robot.
  • Make available materials that meet their requirements.
  • Teams Sponsorships.

Think about encouraging our youth to consider a career in modern manufacturing-a fast-growing and science-based sector full of rewarding, high-tech careers that pay on average far better than non-manufacturing jobs.

FedTech is a well-known job shop located in Mounds View, Minnesota. They specialize in custom manufacturing services including waterjet and laser cutting. For more information contact a FedTech representative at 763-784-4600 or visit their website.