Custom Manufacturing Services Portfolio

Peruse our custom machining case studies, photo gallery, video gallery and engineering projects to see Fedtech quality first hand. Our custom machine shop has serviced thousands of projects around the country, and we proudly display some of our favorites for you to see.

Job Shop Case Studies

Read all the technical details on previous Fedtech projects. Each custom machining case study outlines the waterjet cutting or laser cutting technique used to cut through the many different types of material, including aluminum, titanium, rubber, silicone, copper, stainless steel, brass that we encounter in our job shop.

We’ve completed projects for nearly every industry imaginable. Take a look at the wide variety of clients we have successfully worked with using our precision waterjet and laser cutting capabilities.

Manufacturing Project Gallery

Machine Shop Video

Get a firsthand look at how we do business. Our job shop project gallery features production floor video of our waterjet and laser cutting process. Watch our machines at work. No hard hat required!

Custom Waterjet Photos

Search our interactive photo gallery to see images of our custom waterjet and laser cutting techniques. Our extensive line of photos will help communicate some projects that we have completed here at Fedtech, and will give you an idea of the type of custom manufacturing projects we are capable of.

Not finding a certain image or video? Ask us! We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Custom Quality

Fedtech became ISO 9001 certified in 2007. This certification helps us to remain a leader in quality manufacturing standards. We are proud of our ISO certification, as it helps us to provide our customers with highest quality parts.

Find out more about our quality manufacturing certification.

How Thick?

The most frequent question that we are asked at Fedtech is, “How thick can you cut?” So, to settle it once and for all, we’ve dedicated a page of our website to answering all of the custom thickness questions you may have. But we don’t mind if you still want to give us a call and ask!

  • How thick can your laser cut?
  • How thick does waterjet cut?
  • How thick of a certain material could you cut?

Visit the page for some “How Thick” answers!

Custom Manufacturing Testimonials

When it comes to proving our manufacturing quality, nothing speaks louder than our customers. Read their testimonials to see how confident and enthusiastic our current customers are about our custom machining services. Clients across the country have received quality parts from Fedtech and were compelled to thank us for a job well done.

Job Shop Material List

We’ve put together a lengthy list of all the different types of materials we are able to process with our waterjet cutting and laser cutting services. Whether you need to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, steel alloys, exotic metals, plastics, rubber, red metals or composites – we’ve got them all.

Check out the whole list; it features these items in depth with the numerous types of material that fall into the given categories. Curious about what cutting method is used for a certain material? Visit our “compare waterjet vs. laser” page to see the differences between cutting methods in a custom chart.

We are also featuring several material-specific case studies. Each project lists cutting methods, material type, and gives the end use of the parts. Scan over the case study list and see if there are any projects that catch your eye, from medical service parts to custom gaskets. Each project is unique and custom manufactured at Fedtech with precision and quality.

Custom Engineering

As your partner in manufacturing, we are also your partner in engineering. Fedtech provides functional solutions to manufacturing issues and is able to modify or generate prints and files on demand. Our skilled programming staff has the experience and savvy to execute successful manufacturing tasks.

Reverse Engineered Custom Parts

Our versatile job shop also offers reverse engineering capabilities. We can custom manufacture nearly any part to exact precision measurements.

Read more about our custom engineering and programming capabilities.

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