New Timesaver for Metal Finishing

Fedtech finishing - value added services

Fedtech's latest addition to the finishing equipment is a Model 1100 Timesaver. It's a dual-head,wet process abrasive belt deburring/surface finishing machine equipped with an air knife parts dryer. The metal series 1100 wide belt wet offers finishing capabilities up to 9" wide. This machine has been a welcomed addition to our 2nd operations department by reducing manual labor on many finishing applications. To keep turnaround times low and efficiency levels high, Fedtech brings in the right equipment to get the job done. These machines are ideal for finishing and deburring of parts ranging from 125 mm to 600 mm. The Timesaver's main features on these series 1100:

  • 1525 mm abrasive belt length
  • Centralized control panel
  • Hour meter
  • Double infeed & outfeed hold down rolls
  • Infeed stop bar

The goal of having the new machinery is to shorten turnaround times for parts that are waterjet or laser cut and then finished or deburred afterward. The machinery has been a great addition to the production floor, and Fedtech's hard work as a contract manufacturer carries on.

For more information about finishing process, deburring, waterjet or laser cutting services or more, contact Fedtech and let us answer any questions you might have. You can also visit our FAQ's section!