Metal Deburring (Tumbling)

A burr is a raised or jagged edge on a metal part, most often appearing after it has been processed. Generally speaking, it's unwanted material that can be fixed using a process called deburring. To learn more about deburring, you can take a peek at our value-added page of our website, or listen to our deburring podcast.

Deburring - Value Added at Fedtech

These burrs can throw off specifications, measurements, or they can simply be dangerous when in contact. For this reason, Fedtech offers deburring as a value added service on processed or unprocessed parts. Often times, the material has some sharp edges that need to be smoothed down, or deburred.

There are a few different means of deburring. You could use abrasive substances, abrasive cloths, die grinders, or even sanding. Sometimes it's a combination of a few different methods. Some pieces are irregularly shaped and have seams that need deburring as well.

Deburring Machinery

In metalworking, the method most used in deburring is the tumbler. A tumbler is a vibrating system where small work pieces and media are vigorously agitated inside of the tumbler with the parts. This process continuously smoothes the jagged edges. A barrel tumbler is a great tool for finishing simple parts, but it is not ideal for intricate parts with many holes or designs.

If you have any questions about deburring, or any other value added services, feel free to Contact Fedtech, our sales team will be happy to assist you!