Testimonials From Customers

At Fedtech, we put a great deal of emphasis on customer service to ensure our customers are satisfied with their projects. Please take a moment to read some of the feedback we have received from our customers.

Hello Dan, " After reviewing your work on my prototype gears I just wanted to thank everyone for doing a great job. The Fedtech team did outstanding work at a good price, Thanks." - Andrew ( 2/12/16 )

John, "I enjoyed working with you yesterday and I appreciated the time your team took to walk me through everything. I have confidence in the systems that are in place and was overall impressed with the state of your facility. Thank you for keeping me in the loop, let me know if you need my help with anything as we continue down this process." - Bill ( 9/3/15 )

Kristy, "I'll have a courier by tomorrow, thank you so much. You guys are awesome to work with!" - Joe ( 6/18/15 )

John, The parts were perfect, they fit as they should and arrived on time. I appreciate the customer service and meeting the set deadline. I look forward to receiving the remaining order and to use Fedtech for our newest product line. Thank you again for the quick turnaround and high quality product. - Vanessa Rutherford, ( 2/16/15 )

John, FYI the last lot we received looked good, please tell your production staff thank you for the great job! Thank you! - Kelly Buechler, ( 12/10/14 )

Dear Kris, This is a brief note of thanks to you and the Fedtech team for the outstanding service you provided to us this summer. This year has shaped up to be our biggest ever, and we couldn't have done it without your support. Thanks again- John Lewis, ( 10/31/14 )

Thanks Kris for getting these to us so quick. We appreciate the great service. Kevin, ( 8/18/14 )

John, Thank you for the great job and quick turnaround on cutting the base of that sensor. I just received good feedback from our customer on a job well done! ( Much Appreciated ), Bret, ( 7/21/14 )

John, I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your help in getting quality parts to us so quickly. The team here really appreciates all your efforts. Great job! Jeff, (4/22/14 )

Kris, We just received the order of part number ###-####. Thanks so much for the quick turnaround! You really helped us out. Nate, ( 3/11/14 )

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that recent parts we received from you guys have been super nice. If you could tell all your people that they are doing a good job. We've been very pleased. Bob. ( 3/6/14 )

"Thank you again for the tour this morning. Very nice facility you run and the work that is produced is fantastic.", Ashley. ( 3/5/14 )

"Thank you for the great service Brent - we appreciate it!", Matt. ( 2/17/14 )

Kristy, I received the parts you folks made for me, and they were PERFECT! Many thanks for your help! I will be reordering when I run out of these. Steve G., (1/13/14)

Kris, Everything turned out great....appreciate your help on this. I am impresses with the quality and service. Ed, ( 9/19/13 )

Kris, just wanted to let you know that the customer is very pleased with the product you sent. Thank you again for taking care of me, It is very much appreciated. Carley, ( 5/28/13 )

Hi Kris, I know it was a bit of a fiasco but we’ve got the flags now and we’ll still be able to meet our customer’s expectations. Just wanted to say thanks for scrambling and getting them to me as soon as you could. We can only control so much and it’s usually how we respond to these situations that make the difference. Thanks again and have a great weekend. Steve, ( 5/17/13 )

We haven't received the product yet, PO is being processed. I just wanted to mention that your sales rep Joe has represented a high degree of professionalism and shows great patience and flexibility in working with our unique application. We look forward to working with your group. Douglas, ( 5/14/13 )

The rings went together without difficulty and have shipped out to the customer. Your willingness to make sure our expectations were being met on the final product was key in the success of those parts. You guys did a great job and we appreciated the quick turnaround. Thanks again, Tim Wolf - Design Engineer, ( 4/16/13 )

"Just received another large order of alum parts, very pleased! Thanks to Joe for all the help and follow-up. Thanks to everyone who had involvement. There will be more orders coming your way in the next few days. Keep up the quality, it's so important!!", Don, ( 3/20/13 )

The question was asked to a sister company, Who does your division use for Waterjet Cutting Services?

The reply,

We have a really good place in Minneapolis called Fed Tech. We tried with a lot of places and found these guys to have the best product. Ask for John Bobrowski. They also do stainless.

Thank you,

Tom, Purchasing Lead, ( 2/19/2013 )

"Parts look pretty good, Great Job!" Tyler, ( 12/20/12 )

"Thanks to all for your help! They all fit perfectly. Merry Christmas and again I deeply appreciate all your efforts!!!" Tom ( 12/19/12 )

Hello, We've not yet inspected but wanted to give you some of our first thoughts upon receipt. "The pyramids AND packaging look beautiful!!! Outstanding job on this first batch. I am impressed!!! Chuck, ( 12/18/12 )

"The gaskets were a big hit. The production staff vastly prefers them to the ones we had been getting previously. They don't move around as much which makes assembly significantly easier. It's always nice to get good reviews out of our production." Good job!!! Wally, ( 12/3/2012 )

"Fedtech did an excellent job!" There is no laser cut's stop or start burr, no nicks, dings or sharp edges. Location of oblong diameter is in the center of the part and between the 2 small diameters well within +/- .015" from side to side, Rose. ( 11/20/2012 )

Dave, " Thank you for your immediate help on this!!!!", Marty Schmitz ( 8/10/2012 )

Kris, Please extend a big THANK YOU to your entire team. "The service we get from your facility is far above the rest. It's most appreciated! You make us feel like a big customer in your eyes!!" Thank You, Dana Syverson. ( 7/11/2012 )

"Thank you for the quick turnaround on these parts. We really appreciate the service you provide". Sincerely, Robert C. Tummel. ( 6/26/2012 )

" Thanks! I just want to let you know you guys are really great to work with. My partner used a local company for our last project and they were a pain in the rear. I don't think we'll be using anyone else from now on. Sincerely, Nate" ( 4/17/2012 )

"The end plates came in this morning and they fit perfectly! Thanks so much for the quick service. We'll definitely be using you guys again." ( 10/15/2011 )

"The parts look really good. I was really happy and surprised to see how thin of wall you were able to do (I thought they would just get torn off). ( 8/10/2011 )

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