Quality Manufacturing

Wolf Shubert, Fedtech's Quality Director

Wolf Schubert, Quality Manager.

Wolfs strong quality background was important in navigating Fedtech's ISO renewal to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in 2017.

Quality Statement

Fedtech, Inc. will provide our customer with products and services of quality and value that exceed their requirements. We are committed to continually improving our Quality Management Program. We make certain that each part stands up to our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is a big priority for our company, and we take great pride in it.

Quality Policy

It is the policy and overall business objective of Fedtech, Inc. to provide products and services of the highest quality and in compliance with the clients' specified requirements.

It is also the objective of Fedtech, Inc. to enhance its reputation and capabilities in order to gain wider recognition in it's field of expertise. We strive to provide the best customer service we can, while providing the best products at the same time.

Fedtech Inc. recognizes that our understanding of the present and future needs of our customers, is essential to the achievement of our above objectives. We will continually strive to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the clients are realized in the quality of the products and services we provide.

The Quality Management System is described in the Quality Assurance Manual. To further the quality aims of Fedtech, Inc., we have ensured that all employees understand and adhere to the requirements of this Policy and the contents of the Quality Manual. Fedtech Inc will constantly monitor its quality performance and will implement improvements where appropriate.


As seen in, "ISO 9001:2000 Plain English" by Praxiom, you can see the summary of requirements needed in order to sustain this certification below.

  1. Develop a quality management system
  2. Implement the quality management system
  3. Improve the quality system
  4. Develop quality system documents
  5. Prepare quality system manual
  6. Control quality system documents
  7. Maintain quality system records

ISO 9001 is simply then, a formal standard for quality. Being ISO compliant means that we consistently meet the guidelines to produce high quality products for our customers. This quality system is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and efficiency to ensure proper action is being taken in our production processes. Many customers rest assured in the certification because it gives them a sense of security that their parts will be completed to the quality standards. ISO 9001:2008 is the most current standard of compliance. With that being said, you can be confident in the fact that Fedtech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified job shop. We are proud to produce quality parts and provide dedicated services to our customers.

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